Kev & Gaz

/KæÝ` n Gä§/ » noun 1 Two Freelance web developers based in the UK. The majority of the time they can be found working on large bespoke projects for private clients but devote a portion to small businesses, hobbyists and organizers.

2 Several packages are available designed give you a professional web presence, from a simple "brochure" site to a fully functioning web portal complete with testimonials, news, photos and videos. All sites include a bespoke design, no pre-made templates are used so you can be confident that your site is unique to you and correctly represents your organization.

3 We work remotely to keep costs to a minimum but we can offer an initial consultation meeting in most cases. We can also provide hosting for your website if it is required and all setup will be complete by us when your site is ready. If you already have your own hosting solution we are more than happy to use that. We take great pride in what we do and will never compromise the quality of our work. We do not use overseas outsourced labor, not do we use 3rd party website creators or site builders. We do not retain copyright over your site nor do we charge a recurring fee once it is complete (although we do charge for hosting if you require it).

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